Has Your Landlord Failed in Their Responsibilities?

Has Your Landlord Failed in Their Responsibilities?

Turn to an landlord dispute attorney for help in Baltimore, MD

Everyone deserves a reasonable living situation and to be treated fairly by their landlord. Unfortunately, landlord & tenant disputes can arise and lead to headaches for residents. Luckily, The Law Offices of E. David Hoskins, LLC is here for you.

Attorney Hoskins can help you fight for reasonable treatment, completed repairs or your security deposit back. Whether you live in Baltimore, MD, trust an experienced landlord dispute attorney to defend your rights.

Reach out today to get started on fixing your situation.

Types of cases we can handle

It can be stressful to fight your landlord, but The Law Offices of E. David Hoskins can help. We can assist you when:

  • Your landlord refuses to return a security deposit
  • You're told that you owe a payment you do not owe
  • You've requested essential repairs that have not been performed
  • Your residence is not fit for living and the landlord refuses to improve it

Let us handle the legal side of your landlord dispute attorney in Baltimore, MD. Email us today to discuss your case.