"I cannot thank this firm enough for the amazing support that was given before and throughout the legal process via guidance through Maryland state laws and consistent effective communication. Mr. Hoskins is absolutely wonderful and if he finds that your case is in a different realm of law, he will still point you in the right direction. This is a law firm you want to put in your phone contacts."


I was represented by an attorney here when I bought a car from a local dealer that had been severely damaged in an accident, repaired incorrectly, and then sold to me without being disclosed or properly inspected. I was very happy with the settlement I received.

Jason G

I called David Hoskins recently about a consumer protection matter. I found his office number during my search on the internet , I was so upset at the time and couldn't get over how patient David was with a calm, kind manner. He took so much time to ask pertinent questions and gave me valuable advice and resources. He demonstrated a genuine concern to resolve the problem without resulting in excessive legal fees. I utilized the ideas and resources David provided and today, just a couple of days from when I spoke to him, I was able to come to an equitable solution with the store. Again, it's gratifying to experience words of encouragement, skilled advice and a caring attitude. With the help David provided, I was able to address the situation with a confident manner. The letter I wrote to the company that was withholding my refund wrongfully was direct, pointed, but professional. And today the company contacted me to let me know they were rendering the full refund. Again, I'm very appreciative that David took the time from, undoubtedly, a busy schedule to help me.

Janice Coso

Hoskins is a very competent lawyer who will always be HONEST with his clients. He will always be prepared and discuss his vision with regards to the case.


Went in for a free consultation and left with valuable info from Mr. Hoskins. Thanks!


Wow, I actually got to speak with Mr. Hoskins without having to leave a message and wait for a returned call. He listened to my claims and promptly answered all my questions and gave me a few suggestions of somethings to do to ensure that I was taking the right steps. Very polite and professional. He actually made me feel like he had all the time in the world to assist me in whatever my need was for reaching out to him. Thank you Mr. Hoskins


I am very pleased with the firms responsiveness. I submitted an online inquiry regarding a personal legal matter and received a follow up call the same day - I scheduled a free initial consultation for the next day. Mr. Hoskins' was prepared, professional, thoughtful in his responses to my questions and he provided me with the information I needed to decide next steps.


We are so glad we found David. From the intial call with Kelly, who was most pleasant, knowledgable and very responsive, through our meeting with David and finalizing of our case, we were impressed. David quickly and effectively took care of our case. We were on limited time, unaware of our rights and he took the time to meet with us, explain what our rights were, provide professional honest advice and did not sugar coat, over promise or mislead us. David treated us with the utmost respect and did not judge us for being in the situation we were in. He went to work immediately on our case and was able to resolve it for us within a short timeframe and was instrumental to us receiving very favorable result, one I'm sure we would not have received if we tried to accomplish on our own. Enlisting David's expertise and experience was the best decision we made and we will reccomend to him to our family, friends and anyone we meet in need of the services he and his team provide. Thanks David and Kelly!


My husband suffered a very expensive identity theft incident that had creditors attacking from all sides. David Hoskins worked diligently to resolve everything in a timely manner, and his honesty, professional demeanor and friendly staff made it less painful than we could have ever anticipated. We strongly recommend The Law Offices of E. David Hoskins, LLC


I called David frantically on a Monday about a legal matter with a huge company and potential liability on my behalf. He was very calm and knowledgable and even gave me a bit of complimentary advice during our first few phone calls. After meeting, I hired David to represent me in my legal matter, he was extremely thorough and I am pleased with the favorable outcome, it was the best possible scenario for both parties and the entire matter was wrapped up within 30 days. I highly recommend David for consumer based legal matters- thanks so so much!!


The Law office of David Hoskins is the best!! I was literally put into two situation in which I was about to be garnished unjustifiably. The Law Office of David Hoskins came to my rescue lifting both garnishments and awarding me money on both lawsuits filed against me. They were quick to call back, quick to settle my case and very honest as to the possible outcomes. I will also add that his assistant Kellie is AWESOME!!! I can't thank the Law Office of David Hoskins enough!! Thanks again for everything!!


I called Mr. Hoskins to get advice about a consumer debt issue. He took the time to advise me about the issue, and he even reviewed documents associated with problem. I so appreciate his time, kindness, and experience. If you are looking for an attorney with a heart, call him.

Carla J

Mr. Hoskins and Ms. Fleischer are the most professional, thorough, compassionate, and kindest business people ever! They are honest and very reasonable in their fees and pricing. They ensure that you are aware of everything that is going on with your case, and Mr. Hoskins ensures that he puts all of his efforts into his craft. I would HIGHLY recommend this law firm. Thank you so much for your help and your kind efforts. You all definitely take care of your clients. I am forever grateful.

Ashley H


If there was anything above five stars I would use it.
I had a problem and I needed some advice as how to proceed. The gentleman who helped me was very patient and understanding. He looked at all of My evidence then proceeded to advise me. Because of his advice I know I made the correct decision regarding my claim.

Marlene Rudnick