What Is Rent Escrow?

What Is Rent Escrow?

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As a tenant, you have a right to livable conditions. If your landlord refuses to make important repairs, you can put your rent into escrow. For tenants, this gives you the option to withhold rent until the repairs are complete. The Law Offices of E. David Hoskins, LLC can walk you through the entire legal process in Baltimore, Maryland and help you pursue your case.

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Placing your rent in escrow

If your landlord isn't repairing unlivable housing conditions, you have a right to put your rent in escrow.

To put your rent in escrow, you need to...

  • File the paperwork and pay any necessary fees.
  • Fill out a rent escrow petition.
  • Appear during a court hearing to present your case.

The law protects rent escrow for tenants if the landlord won't make necessary repairs. Start the process today by calling 410-662-6500.